There are always sperm banks, right?

   Okay, so I’ve been awol on the blog for just over a week. Why? My last two blog posts flunked. Like, no one read them. I’m sure my mum did and probably my close friends etc. But no new people, no new likes or followers came from them. Surprisingly, I felt really deflated. I didn’t realise just how much this little blog meant to me. It came at a time when I was feeling particularly low. I think it’s the run up to Christmas and the impending New Year. I always feel a little crappy at this time of … Continue reading There are always sperm banks, right?

Why it’s better to be single at Christmas.

   Christmas Day will no doubt come with all your coupled-up friends announcing that Santa left them an engagement ring under the tree this year (imagine if Santa proposed to you?!). Facebook will literally be filled with sparkly diamonds. You’ll probably feel very single sitting in the onesie and cozy slippers Santa brought for you. But, there are many good things about being single at Christmas. Yep, I’ve thought of 9 reasons and decided to compile them in a list, just for you. I’m good like that.  1. It’s far cheaper. People spend an insane amount of money on their other … Continue reading Why it’s better to be single at Christmas.

So I have a confession…

So, I’m quite vocal on here (and other social media sites!) about my love of exercising. But I have a secret. I’m actually incredibly lazy. Yup, that’s right, I love nothing more than spending a full day in bed, on my own, watching Netflix. The thought of getting up and doing… well, anything… urgh. I mean, I work really hard in my job, I exercise 4ish times a week and I spend time with friends (most of that time in the pub). So here’s a list of this lazy girls daily battles… Snoozing my alarm AGAIN in the mornings telling … Continue reading So I have a confession…

How NOT to break the ice.

  If you’re single, chances are you’ve tried online dating. With so many sites to choose from; Tinder, Plenty of Fish, OkCupid, Match, My Single Friend… the list is endless. There are even sites for people with more niche tastes, hello uniform… With all these sites comes a myriad of potential suitors for you to peruse at your leisure. Once you’ve found someone nice, good picture, likes the same long walks on the beach as you, has the same family values, all that’s left to do is send a message. Break the ice. Open up the lines of communication. … Continue reading How NOT to break the ice.