Felicity Inkpen; scientist, artist and humanitarian.

    I’ve known Felicity, Fliss, for a couple of years now. She’s one of those people who is always smiling and will speak to everyone. She treats everyone the same and the conversation I had with her yesterday morning just proved it. I met her at Boston Tea Party on Whiteladies Road, Bristol at about 10.50am, I got there first and secured a table. Fliss breezed in shortly after with her signature big smile and looking gorgeous in a fitted blue dress, leather jacket and chic grey beret. This woman is 28 years old and is currently pursuing a PhD … Continue reading Felicity Inkpen; scientist, artist and humanitarian.

My local area

So, I live in Bristol. I imagine most of you are aware of that, being that most of you are my friends and family… And you’ll also know that I currently reside in the affluent Clifton area. Now, I’m certainly not affluent, but for those who don’t know Clifton, I am surrounded by mansions. Let’s not get too excited, most of them house young professionals in flat shares (I’m still young, right??), some are home to the 8000 students who are lucky enough to live in this area (in flat shares, too), but some of them, not many, are still … Continue reading My local area