A novel idea

     Before I actually start writing this post, I want to express my thanks to the lovely girl who used my comment form in the ‘About me’ section of this blog. You are the first to use it and your words genuinely meant the world to me. Writing on the internet opens you up... Continue Reading →

2015 in review

    I first started writing this blog in mid January 2015 (so I guess I’m coming up for my first birthday! You can read that post here) to encourage myself to do more with the year. So, I gave myself a list of things, goals, if you like, that I wanted to achieve in 2015.... Continue Reading →

My Instagram fitness favourites

The internet is most definitely our go-to for information. Need to change a plug? You’ll be able to find a YouTube tutorial to show you. Need directions? Google maps is there to assist. Similarly, the internet is full of diet and exercise quick fixes. How to get six pack abs or drop a dress size... Continue Reading →

Why it’s better to be single at Christmas.

   Christmas Day will no doubt come with all your coupled-up friends announcing that Santa left them an engagement ring under the tree this year (imagine if Santa proposed to you?!). Facebook will literally be filled with sparkly diamonds. You'll probably feel very single sitting in the onesie and cozy slippers Santa brought for you. But,... Continue Reading →

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