My Instagram fitness favourites

The internet is most definitely our go-to for information. Need to change a plug? You’ll be able to find a YouTube tutorial to show you. Need directions? Google maps is there to assist. Similarly, the internet is full of diet and exercise quick fixes. How to get six pack abs or drop a dress size... Continue Reading →

It seems I fell off the wagon…

   The half marathon broke me. Not physically. Physically I recovered in a couple of days. The aches eased, the bruises faded and the chafing (yes, the chafing!) healed. But mentally… mentally I was a bit broken.    For 12 weeks prior to the half marathon that’s all I thought about. Training right, eating right,... Continue Reading →

My week in training…

So, half marathon training has begun! You may have noticed if you follow my Instagram (I’m sure there is a link below somewhere…) that I’ve signed up to run the Cardiff Half Marathon in October. My plan is to hopefully raise money for Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research (I’ll be setting up a Just Giving page... Continue Reading →

My week in training…

  This week I have exercised 5 days out of 7. I had my first two personal training sessions with Ally at Absolute Health and I loved it! The first session he went pretty easy on me, after all, he didn’t know my capabilities so didn’t want to push me too far and cause me... Continue Reading →

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