Why it’s better to be single at Christmas.

   Christmas Day will no doubt come with all your coupled-up friends announcing that Santa left them an engagement ring under the tree this year (imagine if Santa proposed to you?!). Facebook will literally be filled with sparkly diamonds. You'll probably feel very single sitting in the onesie and cozy slippers Santa brought for you. But,... Continue Reading →

The week before pay day…

      As this week has been the week before pay day and I have been incredibly broke. I have Christmas to pay for and a ski trip next year… and you know pints to buy every Friday and Christmas parties to go to and (possibly) buy new clothes for. All the important things, naturally.... Continue Reading →

My Christmas list…

Okay, so I've got a bit behind on the whole #BEDN thing, but I'm not letting a few missed days stop me! So here I am contributing to today's topic: lists. I decided since it's near Christmas, I'd share with you my list to Santa. Don't panic, Santa (Mum!) this is my 'if money was... Continue Reading →

What’s (not so) new about me…

Blog every day in November (BEDN)... I didn’t do so well at this when it ran in May. I think I managed to do two posts… I’m not promising I’ll do better this time round, especially considering that I am also attempting NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month, where a participant is challenged to write an... Continue Reading →

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