A novel idea

     Before I actually start writing this post, I want to express my thanks to the lovely girl who used my comment form in the ‘About me’ section of this blog. You are the first to use it and your words genuinely meant the world to me. Writing on the internet opens you up to all kinds of criticism and while I haven’t actually been subjected to ‘internet trolls’, I am aware that it’s a risk I take every time I post on this little blog. So for someone to take time out their life to send me a … Continue reading A novel idea

2015 in review

    I first started writing this blog in mid January 2015 (so I guess I’m coming up for my first birthday! You can read that post here) to encourage myself to do more with the year. So, I gave myself a list of things, goals, if you like, that I wanted to achieve in 2015. #strongnotskinny   Well, I’m not sure that I ended 2015 in the same league as the likes of Jessica Ennis and Victoria Pendleton. But, in the summer I recruited the services of a personal trainer. He taught me about nutrition and weight training and yeah, … Continue reading 2015 in review

There are always sperm banks, right?

   Okay, so I’ve been awol on the blog for just over a week. Why? My last two blog posts flunked. Like, no one read them. I’m sure my mum did and probably my close friends etc. But no new people, no new likes or followers came from them. Surprisingly, I felt really deflated. I didn’t realise just how much this little blog meant to me. It came at a time when I was feeling particularly low. I think it’s the run up to Christmas and the impending New Year. I always feel a little crappy at this time of … Continue reading There are always sperm banks, right?

Felicity Inkpen; scientist, artist and humanitarian.

    I’ve known Felicity, Fliss, for a couple of years now. She’s one of those people who is always smiling and will speak to everyone. She treats everyone the same and the conversation I had with her yesterday morning just proved it. I met her at Boston Tea Party on Whiteladies Road, Bristol at about 10.50am, I got there first and secured a table. Fliss breezed in shortly after with her signature big smile and looking gorgeous in a fitted blue dress, leather jacket and chic grey beret. This woman is 28 years old and is currently pursuing a PhD … Continue reading Felicity Inkpen; scientist, artist and humanitarian.

A new direction?

   So, it may look like I’ve given up on BEDN, and I guess I kind of have. But only because I’ve been having a little think about this blog. I started it back in January as a way to document and keep track of my new year’s resolutions (I’m not going to write about that progress just yet, I’ll save that for a December post…), but the more I write, the more seriously I think I want to take this. Taking part on BEDN has shown me the kind of content that I want to be writing. The BEDN … Continue reading A new direction?