A thought a day…

I'm staging a rebellion against bedn today and moving off topic. It's allowed, it's in the rules. Honest.  Each day for the past seven days I've written down a thought a day. Just one, with no context. So I thought I'd share them as today's post.  Monday Reading, writing, drawing, pizza and Grey's.  Tuesday  Disheartened,... Continue Reading →

My first ever vlog…

Okay, so today's bedn topic is video. VIDEO!?!?! What am I going to do with video. Well, I'll tell you; film and upload my first ever vlog. I'm already cringing at the thought of this and I kind of wish that I'd washed my hair and put some make up on, but hey, it's done... Continue Reading →

My local area

So, I live in Bristol. I imagine most of you are aware of that, being that most of you are my friends and family… And you’ll also know that I currently reside in the affluent Clifton area. Now, I’m certainly not affluent, but for those who don’t know Clifton, I am surrounded by mansions. Let’s... Continue Reading →

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