Wanna be in my hype gang?

I’m in a bit of a quandary with my online presence right now.

Growing up I envisaged my adult self as a Carrie Bradshaw-type running around the big city in my Jimmy Choos sourcing content for my weekly column. SATC has a lot to answer for in terms of setting unrealistic life goals. Like Carrie could afford all of those designer shoes with only a weekly column for work. Anyway, not the point of this post. That may not have happened in my life and I’ve ended up working in Publishing. Not quite the glamourous role I had pictured, but career wise I am in a good place. I do still love to write though and blogging feels like the perfect place for me to flex that creative muscle and remember why I love words so much. On my own blog I don’t have to pitch ideas and face the judgey red pen of an editor. It’s my space and up to me to what goes on here, what my schedule is, what topics I write about. The things I’m interested in are food, fitness and photography, but really I have no authoritative voice in any of those things. Part of the reason behind my decision to become a personal trainer was so that I could write about fitness from the perspective of a qualified human. Someone you could trust to give you an educated perspective. There are so many people online spouting diet culture, fitness ‘tips’, selling meal replacement shakes and calling themselves ‘experts’ when they have no qualifications to do so. I don’t want to be one of those people. I want to write about food and fitness and have people know they can trust my writing. The pandemic has stalled this massively though and I am yet to finish my qualification. I have completed all the theory, but haven’t done my practical assessments. So I’m partially qualified…

Wanna be in my hype gang? Completely pointless picture of me just because I wanted to share it.

Alongside blogging sits social media. The two are so closely intertwined and if you want to grow your blog you have to engage with social media to drive people to it. What’s the point of putting pen to paper (or keyboard to computer screen, that doesn’t work does it?) if no one is reading it? If you want to grow your social media, you have to post regularly. Create consistent content that people want to engage with. The more people who like, comment, save or share the more likely the content will show up on people’s news feed – I’m saying this from an Instagram perspective, but actually I think it’s true of all socials. Do I post regularly? No. I rarely post to my grid, but most weeks you’ll find me posting stories. I know I need to post more to my grid, but in all honestly I feel the fear. What if people are judging me? Or they see I’ve posted again and eye roll at my content or caption? We all know that thing people have started saying; ‘Remember when you used to go to a restaurant, take a picture of your dinner with your disposable camera, take it to the chemist to go get it developed and then show it to all your friends and family? Exactly, stop taking pictures of your dinner!’. I mean, this feels like a direct attack because this is basically what I do on my Instagram. I take pictures of the food I cook or eat when I’m out (oh remember eating out? Me either). Why do I do it? Because I love seeing what people are eating! When I lived with my good friend, Flo, she’d laugh because when she walked in the room with her dinner plate I’d immediately ask what she was having. When we both moved on from that shared house, she’d still send me pictures of her dinner. She never posted them online in the same way I do, but she’d take the picture and Whatsapp it to me. I love seeing what other people are eating and I take a lot of inspiration from what’s on YOUR plate. So show me all the food pics! I also love watching ‘What I eat in a day’ YouTube videos and have started to experiment with video editing in order to film my own. Maybe Just Another Gem will become a YouTube channel soon and it’ll feature what I eat and recipes I love. For no other reason than I love that kind of content so want to make my own. I’m teaching myself to edit videos at the moment (on Skillshare, in case you’re interested. Have to make use of that subscription I keep paying for!).

I’m not saying that from here on out that I will be more consistent, that I’ll start scheduling blog posts and Insta content and sharing the TikToks I make (but stay on there cause I’m not ready to share to a wider audience just yet). But over the last few weeks I’ve had a few friends question where I’ve gone; I stopped my morning coffee thoughts or haven’t written or blogged for a while. While I’m panicking that I’m annoying people, there are friends behind me ready to hype me up. I mentioned on my latest Instagram post about the fear of judgey people when I share my content and had so many (well, about 4 LOL) people tell me to stop worrying what other people think. And I know they’re right and if it was one of my friends complaining to me about this I’d tell them to shove other people’s opinions; people will judge you regardless of what you do so you may as well do what makes you happy. That’s given me what feels like a little kick up the bum. It might be cringey to admit, but I want more social media followers. I want more people to read my blog. I want a community of people to share my food, fitness and photography with so I’m going to try and share without apology. If you do follow me on Instagram then please like, share, comment or save what I do post. It will help me grow and I need my hype gang behind me. I will in turn try to do the same to all the content creators I like and follow. I know I’m guilty of silently lurking… maybe you’re silently lurking on me too? Let’s make a pact. I’ll hype you if you hype me? If you don’t need my hype, can you just hype me anyway because you like me? Thanks very much 😊

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