Post-book blues

You turn to the last page and the story is resolved. The characters you’ve followed for the week, two weeks, months or how ever long you’ve been a part of their lives, have all resolved their differences. Or maybe they haven’t. Whatever happens to them now is up to you and your imagination. You close the book and feel a sense of loss. No longer will you delve into the lives of those people who have become your friends. You may have spent hours with them, they kept you company on your commute to work or on your lunch hour or in those hours before sleep; just you, them and the lamp light.

You rooted for them. Celebrated with them. Felt for them when things went wrong. You may even have shed a tear when they were hurt or felt fear when they were in danger.

Then all of a sudden, at the turn of a page, it’s over. They’re no longer in your life and you have to find new characters to fall in love with. But you’re starting from scratch. You don’t know these people. You don’t know what motivates them or what their secrets are. You go from having all the answers, you’ve read through the reveal (whether you guessed it or not!) to knowing nothing and having all the questions again.

You persevere though, cause there’s something about this new character. She’s got a secret and you’re not sure what it is. So you keep reading… next thing you know, she’s keeping you company on your lunch break, on your commute to work, and those last few hours before you go to sleep.

It’s the perpetual cycle of a book lover.

6 thoughts on “Post-book blues

      1. I reread a lot. It’s definitely a different experience from reading it the first time, since you know how it ends. But you can pick up on a lot of new things you missed the first time, especially foreshadowing.
        Aside from rereading, I love reading through my favorite passages on occasion, or just flipping to a random page and reading for a bit. I like being with the characters again.

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      2. I’ve definitely got books that I go back to to reread particular passages, but never the whole book. One of my favourite books is Winter in Madrid and I’ve been thinking of rereading it because it was such a long time ago! Hopefully I’ll still love it the second time round 🙂

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