My commitments to 2019

Everyone seems to be cynical about new year’s resolutions, convinced that resolutions are doomed to failure. Well this year instead I’m making commitments to 2019. Sure, it might just be a different word for ‘resolution’dressed up so that maybe the name won’t lead to failure. They’re not based on making me a better person, but building on the foundations I laid in 2018. I’m nearly 34 years old, I have flaws that I’ve accepted and I’m not about to go and try to fix them now. No new year will ever make me a tidier person or better at speaking on the phone, so I’ll take those with me into 2019 too. Anyway, I know you’re probably on the edge of your seat waiting to hear what these commitments are so I’ll get started!

  • Write for 30 minutes each day

Okay, so you all know I’ve been trying to write a novel since about 2015. So this is to help me get there. A half hour is not a long time, but I want to create the habit of sitting down to write daily. This should also help me to be more consistent with my blog writing. I know blogs are dying, it’s all about YouTube and Instagram stories these days, but I love writing my blog so I’m keeping it.

  • Commit to my weight training

I didn’t hit my compound lift goals in 2018. I made really good progress in the first couple of months, but I plateaued towards the end of the year. This was mainly due to a lot of travelling meaning inconsistencies in my training. January will be the start of my next training cycle and it will be uninterrupted so I’m hoping to get back on track. Alongside this I have to remember to be kinder to myself when things don’t quite go to plan. Progress isn’t linear and this is a lifetime journey. Insert other relevant clichés here…  

  • Read 26 books as part of my 2019 Goodreads challenge

Last year I initially set my Goodreads target at 12 and hit this before June so I increased it to 26. I fell just short of this, only reading 23 books in 2018. I started reading a book I didn’t really enjoy in November and I didn’t really persevere with it or put it down and start another book. I just kind of stopped reading… I could have easily made it to 26, so this year I’ll set the same challenge and try again.

  • No more fast fashion

In 2019 I want to try not to buy from any ‘fast fashion’ retailers. If I need new clothes I will try to buy from charity, second hand,vintage or from a sustainable/ethical retailer. In all honesty, I have so many clothes I probably don’t ever need to buy anything, but I’m human and I get a rush from new things so will probably still want to buy. I’ll just be more conscious about where my money goes in 2019. Oh, the exceptions to this rule will be underwear and sportswear. I don’t fancy wearing second hand undies or leggings someone else has sweated in, but the ethical/sustainable brands are just too expensive for me to buy from regularly.

  • Go more vegan

I shout about this a lot; I don’t like the vegan label and I don’t like preachy vegans (I don’t like preachy anyone, if I’m honest), but in order to be kinder to our planet I’m making more vegan food choices. I’m also switching up my make-up and toiletries to use vegan and cruelty free products. Harder than it sounds, the two aren’t mutually exclusive. I know, weird, right? So, if you have any tips and tricks, hit me up.

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