The Lines We Leave Behind by Eliza Graham: A review

I don’t think I know anyone who isn’t an Amazon Prime member. Next day free delivery from the online store that stocks everything from stainless steel straws to novelty socks and everything in between. I guess you could call this a public service announcement, but Amazon Prime members get to download one ebook per month FOR FREE. Yep, you heard, for free. Zilch, zero, nada. They are billed is ‘Early access, Editor’s picks’. A lot of these books don’t have many reviews on Goodreads so you might have to go with your gut and take a shot.  

Just simply sign up and on the first of every month Amazon will email you a link to six books to choose from. You only get to pick one, so pick wisely. November’s book, or at least the one I picked, was The Lines We Leave Behind by Eliza Graham. It tells the story of a young women in 1947 who finds herself in an asylum. If ever there was a book written for me, it’s this one. Historical fiction is my favourite genre, and it’s set during the Second World War. I was always going to love this book.  
The author wastes no time in getting the story going, so I was hooked from the start. We meet Maud, a young woman who has found herself in an asylum with no memory of how she got there. We learn pretty quickly that she had been recruited as a spy during the war, but that something had happened that had been so traumatic that her brain had blocked it out.  
I loved the switch between first and third person narrative, which showed Maud’s inability the reconcile her two identities; Maud the doctor’s receptionist and Amber the war time spy. It’s a tense read at times with incidents of rape and violence. I also really loved the theme of loneliness with Maud unable to tell anyone about her life as Amber, as well as her difficulties dealing with what we now know to be PTSD.  
I felt the story slowed towards the end, but all in all I thought this was a brilliant book, well written (especially considering the difficult political landscape it was set against!) and an intriguing story. Probably one of the best books I’ve read this year. And I got it for free! 

I orginally reviewed this book on my Goodreads, come follow me 🙂 

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