My three kitchen essentials

Kitchen essentials. Picture of veggie ramen
There’s so much garlic in here it fits the kitchen essentials theme.

I don’t know if you have ever listed to Venetia Falconer’s podcast Talking Tastebuds, but at the end of every episode she asks her guest for their three kitchen essentials. It’s my favourite part of the podcast, I’m sure that makes me seriously uncool, but I love hearing about the things people have in their kitchens that they can’t live without. Every time I listen to it I always think about how I would answer that question. I thought I’d stop wondering about it and write it in a blog post. She also starts every episode asking what her guest has had for breakfast and that is my second favourite part of the episode… just a pointless piece of information for ya. 

  • Garlic 

I pretty much eat garlic with every meal. A garlic crusher is also a must have in my kitchen so it can be easily crushed into roasted veg, into a stir fry, in melted butter over greens. I also love roasting garlic in its skin and eating the cloves whole. Mmm… 

  • Extra virgin olive oil 

Every hipster blogger is all over coconut oil at the moment, but olive oil is a monounsaturated fat, which isn’t as bad for you as saturated fat. And coconut oil in savoury food doesn’t work for me; everything then tastes like coconuts. Olive oil isn’t so strong in flavour, which I prefer. Whether it’s roasting vegetables in it (with the aforementioned garlic) or making a dressing for salad, olive oil is a favourite in my kitchen. 

  • Oats 

Porridge, overnight oats, flapjack, granola… so many good things to be made from oats. If you follow my Instagram (and if you don’t then you should) you’ll see how often I make overnight oats or porridge for breakfast. They’re a good solid breakfast that keeps you fuller for longer and they’re a slow release complex carb so perfect pre-run or pre-gym fuel too.  

Only picking three things is quite hard, eggs and cheese, soy sauce very nearly made the cut, again for their versatility (I like food that gives me options, apparently). I could have almost gone for yoghurt. And tinned tomatoes. And chickpeas. What? I like food. And let’s not even get started on coffee…  

Oh and just incase you’re interested, this morning I had banana on toast (surprisingly not oats, this time).  

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