Travelling and treadmill training

If you follow my Instagram (and if you don’t then you should; search gemma_aviselafin) you will have noticed that I’m in India at the moment. I’m here for work and visiting Delhi, Dehradun and Chennai. This trip has fallen right in the middle of my half marathon training and I’m at the stage where taking a week and a half off just isn’t an option. This has meant while I’ve been living in hotel rooms I’ve been utilising hotel gyms and running on treadmills.

Today is day 5 of the trip and I’ve just done my third workout. The first session I just did a 5km treadmill run then did some body weight exercises in my room. I’ve also brought resistance bands with me so I used them too. The second session I did was a weights session. Weighted walking lunges, lat pull downs, bicep curls, chest press etc. I went full body work out. I then tried to do a treadmill run, but the treadmill was directly under the air con… meaning that the cold air didn’t hit me! I was genuinely pouring with sweat, it was not pretty. Added to that was the fact that the treadmill faced a window, and outside the window stood the hotel’s drivers. One of them stood under the window and smiled at me. That was enough to make me quit. I only did about 10 minutes of running that day, but that was enough!

The third session was supposed to be an 8 mile treadmill run. That’s a long time to be on a treadmill. I did it this morning. Or rather, I tried. It’s our day off today (something that is unheard of on these trips!). I got up when I was hungry, went for breakfast and was in the hotel gym by 9am. I was the only one in there. Well, me and the guy who worked there… I had brought my long resistance band because I noticed when I went to check the gym out last night that there was a cable machine meaning I could attempt pull ups with my band. But I was too self conscious attempting it with this poor guy trying not to watch me… I wish I was brave enough to just try it and style it out if I failed. So instead I just jumped on the treadmill and hit start. Did I make it to 8 miles? Nah, not even close; 5.5. Let’s round that up to 6, shall we? Why didn’t I make it? Well I’ve been travelling for 5 days. In those 5 days I’ve taken four flights. I haven’t slept later than 7am and had predominately broken sleeps (thanks to my friend jet lag). I also haven’t been eating my usual. At home I’m very much into overnight oats with fruit, protein and yoghurt for breakfast. Salad or wrap for lunch and a yoghurt, then high protein, low carb meal for dinner (or high carb if I’m planning a long run the next day). While I’ve been here I’ve been eating mainly curry and bread. That’s meant a lot of paneer! And for breakfast I’ve been having toast. So my diet hasn’t been what I’m used to when training. Those are my excuses and I’m sticking to them.

So even though I’m not hitting the targets I set myself before I came away, I am still training. And I’m trying to stretch or do some Pilates in my hotel room most days. And even though I haven’t made it to 8 miles today, I’m going to do a swim this afternoon so that’ll make up the difference, right??

I’m getting to that stage again where I feel guilty if I don’t train. I’m focussed on my goals; building muscle and running my third half marathon. I’m noticing changes in my body, I’m getting leaner and stronger and I am really enjoying it so not even a work trip to India and living in hotel rooms is going to stop me.



3 thoughts on “Travelling and treadmill training

  1. I admire your discipline. I am a street performer and even though I always travel with my hoops and train on the go, as soon as I travel (which is a lot) any routine I have been building up at my base goes completely out of the window!


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