Please don’t hire me, I’m scared! A review

So I did a little research for this review and back in 2014 a study found that nearly half of UK graduates weren’t working in their chosen field. In fact, The Independent said that those graduates believed they worked in a job that they felt didn’t even require a degree. Safe to say that back in 2007 I was one of those graduates, although unsurprising considering that my first degree is in Theatre and Professional Practice. Yep, if you didn’t already know, I wanted to be an actress. It didn’t last too much longer after graduation though. I soon realised that acting wasn’t a secure career and also, I wasn’t all that good at it. Sure it was cute when I played the bad guy in a youth theatre production at the age of 12, but at 22, unable to hold down a full time job because I kept having to request time off to attend auditions that I inevitably didn’t get, it becomes a real problem.

For the proceeding years I worked in various retail jobs; Adams Kids, JJB Sports, New Look, Faith, Debenhams. The fact that I flitted around so often was probably an early indicator of how lost I felt. I had a degree, I was clever, I was capable of more than retail. I may have had a chip on my shoulder about it at the tender age of 22, so please don’t judge me for believing myself better than retail…

Reading Sophie Bloodworth’s debut book Please Don’t Hire Me, I’m Scared! I found that I wasn’t the only one to have felt this way. Sophie studied a media degree at university and subsequently found herself working full time in a cinema (I guess that’s close, right??). She’d started working there while still studying and just increased her hours after graduating while she went in search of her ‘proper job’. Now how many of us have used that term in our lives? How many of you can relate to that? I know I definitely can.

Sophie was probably one step ahead of me in that she knew what she wanted to do. She was after a job in publishing. I didn’t figure out what my ‘proper job’ would be till I’d worked in retail for about 5 years. Sophie discusses the job search in a very candid and humorous way. And in a way that most 20 something job hunters can relate to.

Along the way we meet the people she worked with at the cinema; the trusty cohort of friends she had made there as well as the odd balls who made life ‘interesting’. We all know a few of those too, I’m sure. My retail friends were some of the best I ever had. When I worked for Faith it felt very much like I ran a shoe shop with a group of my mates. We just couldn’t all go on a group holiday together. When every employee in the shop requests a holiday for the same week in June…

The job interviews, the interviewers, the HR staff who Sophie calls ‘the gatekeepers of the dream job!’, we’ve met them all. This book isn’t a self-help book, I wouldn’t even describe it as a ‘what not to do’ book, it’s a book that describes the ups and downs of the millennial job hunt in a relatable, sometimes cutting and comic way. Where a degree isn’t enough to even get your foot in the door of the ‘proper job’ you’re looking for and you spend years of your life working in a job you have no passion for while desperately searching for meaning somewhere, anywhere…

If you’re a 20 something graduate on the job hunt, or you were at one point, or even if you just want to find out if Sophie ever did find that ‘proper job’ you can buy Please Don’t Hire Me, I’m Scared! here… or on Amazon 😊

[In the interest of transparency, Sophie is a work colleague and friend of mine]

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