A blogging London day out

So I’ve been somewhat absent on this little blog for a couple of weeks, I’ve been in India on a work trip. I know, I know, I could have scheduled some posts to go live while I was away, but what kind of lazy blogger would I be if I was so organised?! I have a reputation to protect, you know.

I arrived back on Friday at around 5pm, by that point I had been on the go for around 20 hours. I dropped of my suitcase and headed to Sainsburys to grab some food (after two weeks away, my cupboards were somewhat bare…). I have to say, as I meandered around the aisles I felt on the verge of collapse, so when I got back home I quickly threw a bagel down my throat and got into bed. Lights out by 7pm. 12 hours later I woke up and got myself ready for my London day trip. I was heading to a bloggers meet and greet organised by The Bloggers Hub and bloggerswhobrunch.

I was anticipating a networking event and was immediately transported back to my masters when my class had to attend the London Book Fair armed with the not quite dry ink on our newly printed business cards. Network, they said, make contacts. We wandered around the huge exhibition hall trying to find a person who was happy to talk to us mere students. Funnily enough, no one wanted to speak to us. I’m okay with that now, I’m far enough into my career to believe if I went again people would want to speak to me now! This event, however, could not have been more different.

True to form I turned up early (I travelled with Kirsty from Komoberi.com and we even managed to wear matching jumpers…) The event was held at a swanky central London apartment just off Oxford Street. Kirsty and I walked in to meet the lovely Tabby from takeheart-becourageous.com, Serena from ramblingsofanotherunistudent.blogspot.co.uk and Fran from apageofmeblog.wordpress.com. Conversation immediately flowed; what do you blog about? Are you lifestyle, fashion, beauty? Do you do YouTube? I was amazed at how lovely these girls were to talk to and how happy they were to talk to me too.

We were also greeted with a glass of pink Prosecco, cupcakes from Lola’s Cupcakes and a manicure bar from Wah Nails. You could definitely tell it was a room full of bloggers as we walked into the room and everyone immediately starting taking pictures of the drinks table…

As well as the fresh faced newbie bloggers there was also the established blogger and unlike the book fair everybody was keen to chat and share experiences and tips. We discussed blogging Facebook pages, domain names, YouTube, photography, all sorts.

I walked away from the event with an arsenal of hints, tips and tricks from some incredible girl boss bloggers, but I also felt like I made some new friends too. The internet can be a scary place so it’s nice to know that the little corner of the internet I inhabit with my blog also gives me free membership to a lovely blogging support network. And further to that, I now have a whole load of new blogs to binge read!

I got home that night around 8pm, another long day, but one that was far more enjoyable (and much shorter) than the previous 20-hour day…

Thank you to TheBloggersHub and bloggerswhobrunch for making it happen, I can’t wait for the next one!

9 thoughts on “A blogging London day out

  1. Loved this post, it’s making me miss it so much!! Sorry I didn’t get to say hi to you lovely!:( But I’m sure there will be another one, and btw I love your jumper xxx


    1. Aw thank you! I’m sorry I didn’t get to chat to you too, I think I am now successfully following you on all platforms now though so I’m sure we’ll chat again!
      And thanks for the jumper love ❤️❤️❤️

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Firstly, you need an award for making it to the event and looking incredible after flying from India the day before! I’ve flown to and from Thailand a few times and I’d never have managed it!

    Secondly, it was lovely talking to you, only I wish it could have lasted longer!

    – Melissa


  3. I don’t think I got to chat to you at the event but I really like your write up of it and all the pictures!!! It was just so much fun!! I found everyone to be so lovely as well.

    Eliza x


      1. I’m planning on going to the next one too! It was so much fun – I don’t know why I was so worried beforehand haha! Not a problem, thanks to you too! Every little like or comment always means so much to me 😊 x


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