My Instagram fitness favourites

The internet is most definitely our go-to for information. Need to change a plug? You’ll be able to find a YouTube tutorial to show you. Need directions? Google maps is there to assist. Similarly, the internet is full of diet and exercise quick fixes. How to get six pack abs or drop a dress size in a week, etc.

My first port of call when I’m looking for fitness inspiration is most definitely Instagram. So I thought I’d share with you all my favourite accounts. They combine quick and healthy meal ideas, exercises and plans as well as motivational pictures and statements.


 I imagine most fitness fanatics will have come across Joe Wicks at some point. He’s a personal trainer who has made a name for himself with his ‘lean in 15 meals’. His videos on Instagram are of him preparing his signature meals (which he films with one hand while cooking with the other…) and shouting out the window of his London flat about ‘midget trees’. I’d still love to be his neighbour though 😉 He also has a website where you can buy meal and exercise plans to help you ‘get lean’. His workouts and plans aren’t about starving yourself, in fact, it’s the opposite, he wants you to eat more. Now, that’s my kind of diet. And if you don’t believe they work, he includes before and after pics with testimonials from satisfied clients. He’s also rather easy on the eye. #Justsaying.



Amanda is all the way across the water in America. Her Instagram consists mainly of videos of workouts. Each video tends to focus on a particular area of your body, for example ‘carve your core’ or ‘lower body blast’. Most of her workouts can be done in the comfort of your own home and require minimal equipment. They’re so easy to do you really have no excuse not to. Oh, wait…



While Amanda is predominantly workouts, Alice is predominantly food. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day and you should see what she comes up to kick start the metabolism; omelette with rocket, pea, feta, herb salt, seeds and asparagus is just one example. I mean. Wow. Her meals are protein and greens heavy, so very healthy and incredible fuel for your workouts; build muscle and sustain long cardio with her simple meal ideas. I mean, while I’m eating my shredded wheat breakfast during the week or just before pay day I literally drool at Alice’s account.

Alice’s book-Clean Eating Alice: The Body Bible


Made in Chelsea fans may remember Millie from the first couple of series, she’s also taken part in Celebrity Masterchef. But, she is far more than your bog standard reality TV star. Her Instagram combines food, style and fitness. And so does her book Made By Millie. If you’re looking for fitsporation, then look no further. Millie epitomises the idea of #strongnotskinny. Her workout videos show her training, often with a friend, working her butt off and she looks great for it. Every time I momentarily forget my fitness goals I head on over to her page and remind myself how awesome it would be to be her. There. I said it. I want to be her.



I obviously have to include a local, Bristol-based account. And I can’t think of a better one than Amelia and her yoga page. A yoga teacher showing her life through her iPhone; her account is mostly pictures of her bent over backwards or precariously balancing on her hands with her legs out to the side. I think for teachers, particularly in fitness, it’s important to practice what you preach and Amelia’s pictures definitely prove that yoga can build strength and flexibility AND if I start yoga maybe one day I’ll look as awesome as she does. Right now I can barely touch my toes though, may have a long way to go…




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