Why it’s better to be single at Christmas.

Christmas Day will no doubt come with all your coupled-up friends announcing that Santa left them an engagement ring under the tree this year (imagine if Santa proposed to you?!). Facebook will literally be filled with sparkly diamonds. You’ll probably feel very single sitting in the onesie and cozy slippers Santa brought for you. But, there are many good things about being single at Christmas. Yep, I’ve thought of 9 reasons and decided to compile them in a list, just for you. I’m good like that. 

1. It’s far cheaper. People spend an insane amount of money on their other half at Christmas. Your bank balance thanks you. 

2. You also don’t have to buy gifts for the inlaws. Dads are so hard to buy for, you don’t need another one! 

3. You don’t have to decide who you spend Christmas with; your family or the inlaws. Your family are way more fun and, let’s face it, your mother-in-law still hasn’t forgiven you for that ‘incedent’ last year. You know the one. 

4. You don’t have to feel guilty about not going to the gym and eating chocolate for breakfast for 25 days (thank you advent calendars) because no one is going to see you in anything other than huge jumpers or your Christmas onesie. 

5. You don’t have to argue about which name gets signed first on joint Christmas cards; ‘love Jenny and John’ or love ‘John and Jenny’. The struggle is real. 

6. You don’t have to send joint Christmas cards. No further explanation required. 

7. You don’t have to make polite conversation with his boss at his work Christmas party. 

8. You don’t have to worry about him getting drunk and embarrassing you at your work Christmas party. 

9. What if you spend a fortune getting him EVERYTHING for Christmas and he dumps you on Christmas Eve? As a singleton you don’t have this worry. You can rest easy and just wait for Santa to arrive. 

So there you have it, step away from Tinder, delete PoF and relax. You don’t need a partner at Christmas, in fact, I think you’ll agree that you’re better off single at this time of year. Now, I’m not suggesting that if you are coupled-up you dump your other half, I’m sure you’ll stick to a budget, his family loves you and you’re more likely to get that ring rather than the boot on Christmas Day. 

All I’m saying is that being a singleton ain’t so bad sometimes 🙂

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