The week before pay day…



As this week has been the week before pay day and I have been incredibly broke. I have Christmas to pay for and a ski trip next year… and you know pints to buy every Friday and Christmas parties to go to and (possibly) buy new clothes for. All the important things, naturally. So here’s a little list about the thoughts I’m sure we all have when we’re counting down the days till pay day.

  • I’m going to cook a huge batch of Bolognese/soup/chilli to live off for the week.
  • Wait, what’s this in the freezer? Is that edible…?
  • My plans this weekend? Oh nothing exciting, probably just have a quiet one (read: oh nothing exciting, cause exciting generally costs money and my bank balance is crying).
  • I’m going to treat myself to a bar of chocolate *counts out coppers* I wish chocolate bars were still 32p.
  • I wonder if I have any points to spend on any of my million loyalty cards…
  • I wonder if anyone would want to buy the doodle I just did? Might pop it up on eBay…
  • Should have done the doodle and sold it last week, then I’d have the money by now.
  • I’m running out of shampoo; if I pour some water into the bottle it’ll totally stretch till pay day. My hair will look like straw, but whatevs.
  • It’s so annoying that you can’t take £3 out of the cash machine.
  • If I’m going to spend £3 on my card, I have to make sure I get as close to £3 as possible. £2.98! SCORE!
  • To be fair, this no money thing is good for my waist line. I can’t afford Domino’s pizza and/or beer.
  • Dividing the money left in the bank by how many days till pay day. Yep, I can afford to spend 2.32 per day for a week.
  • Going to bed at 6.30pm on the day before pay day so it’ll come quicker. Must. Sleep. Now.
  • Checking bank balance at 00.01 to see if it’s in yet.
  • Waking up on pay day with a spring in your step and a smile on your face. Coffee and pastry for breakfast, sure! Hey, friend, wanna go for lunch at that over-priced deli across the street? Casually splurging all the money in Primark/ASOS/Very then all the toiletries in Boots for, you know, the advantage card points.
  • Waking up the day after pay day and checking the bank balance with one eye closed to lessen the blow.
  • Where has all my money gone?
  • I’m going to cook a huge batch of Bolognese/soup/chilli to live off for the week.

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