A new direction?

So, it may look like I’ve given up on BEDN, and I guess I kind of have. But only because I’ve been having a little think about this blog. I started it back in January as a way to document and keep track of my new year’s resolutions (I’m not going to write about that progress just yet, I’ll save that for a December post…), but the more I write, the more seriously I think I want to take this.

Taking part on BEDN has shown me the kind of content that I want to be writing. The BEDN topics were great and pushed me out of my comfort zone (hello first vlog…), but they weren’t often on things that were of interest to me or that I would want to write. So, I’ve decided to get organised and start planning my blog in advance. I want to start posting regularly with regular weekly posts. It will look a little something like this:


Sunday – Lifestyle post

Monday – weekly vlog (yes, I’m going to keep doing these, call me crazy!)

Tuesday – A list

Wednesday – Fitness

Thursday – A thought a day

Plus a monthly post on what I’ve been reading. I’m in a monthly book group, so I know I will definitely read at least on book per month. What with all this writing, I may not have as much time for reading as I would like!

The plan is to get organised on a Sunday and write them all in advance, plan my topics, take lots of pictures…

Starting now. Wish me luck!



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