A thought a day…

I’m staging a rebellion against bedn today and moving off topic. It’s allowed, it’s in the rules. Honest. 

Each day for the past seven days I’ve written down a thought a day. Just one, with no context. So I thought I’d share them as today’s post. 


Reading, writing, drawing, pizza and Grey’s. 


Disheartened, but noodles and Matt Damon.


Straight to bed with a short stint as a bodyguard.


Exciting times ahead?!


Yeah, let’s go to the pub. I’m only staying for one though. 


Ouch, my head hurts. And so does my heart. 


‘You are not alone, I am here with you.’ 

6 thoughts on “A thought a day…

      1. have I missed he start of the new one ???? so confused!!!!
        and have you ever actually stayed for just the one 😉 xx


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