My Christmas list…

Okay, so I’ve got a bit behind on the whole #BEDN thing, but I’m not letting a few missed days stop me! So here I am contributing to today’s topic: lists. I decided since it’s near Christmas, I’d share with you my list to Santa. Don’t panic, Santa (Mum!) this is my ‘if money was no object or money just can’t buy’ Christmas list!

1. An apartment in New York. Manhattan, preferably. 

2. Free flights to and from New York whenever I want. You know, so I can live my transatlantic lifestyle with ease. 

3. It’d be handy to have a car, I guess. I used to always want a Mini Cooper, but they’re like space ships inside. 

4. A dog home. Yep, genuinely. I’d like to be able to re-home all the dogs. Yep, all of them. 

5. A house. Not for me. Well, maybe one for me too, but the first one for my best friend and her family. 

6. Jimmy Choos. Because I was reminded briefly tonight how much I love shoes. 

7. In my house, which I’ve now decided I want, I want an entire room to devote to books. Like my own little library. 

8. A horse. Or two. And someone to look after them while I’m popping over to my Manhatten apartment. 

9. A personal trainer and a personal nutritionist. Both can just follow me around all day and slap the pizza out of my hand or walk me to the gym. Or both; slap the pizza out of my hand while walking me to the gym…

10. Bradley Cooper. Enough said, yeah? 

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