Food, glorious food

A selection of the meat free meals I make. Warning, contains fish 😉
A selection of the meat free meals I make. Warning, contains fish… 😉

Here I am again, on my iPad. Thanks Acer for your update… Why not add the ability to ‘skip till a more convenient time’ option in your next one.
Anyway, on to the more important stuff. Blog every day in November has asked for ‘Food Glorious Food’ for day three. Food is probably one of my favourite things; its up there with sleeping, they are tied for top spot I reckon.
As some of you may know, and I think I mentioned this in my day one post, but I haven’t eaten meat for nearly 10 years. I eat fish, which is why I try not to call myself a vegetarian, and my reasons for cutting it out of my diet have changed a lot over the years. Initially, I stopped eating meat because I didn’t like what they (whoever ‘they’ are!) do to meat before it lands on our supermarket shelves.. I remember watching a documentary when I was at uni (the first time!), which said that, by law, a sausage only had to contain 33% meat. That’s a third. So what on earth was going into the other 66%!? I don’t know if this information is true, it was ten years ago, and yeah, I bet expensive sausages contain a higher percentage…. I also heard that supermarkets pumped water into their own range chicken breasts to make them heavier. Again, I bet this didn’t happen to the higher quality meat.. But I was a student, I couldn’t afford the expensive stuff. So, no organic, free range, happy chickens and pigs for my dinner plate.

So, ten years down the line, why do I still not eat meat? I earn more now, so I probably could fork out the extra cash to buy from local butchers etc. I’ve already said that I dropped the label ‘vegetarian’ in favour of ‘I don’t eat meat’, and I’ve considered taking the rule away completely; just eating what I want to eat without the rules. But, by doing that, well I’d still be meat free. I’m not going to suddenly decide that I really want a bacon sandwich tomorrow. Meat free is a habit now, I guess and I’m more than happy with my meals. They are tasty, colourful, exciting and HEALTHY; most people who know me know that healthy eating is important to me. I’m not saying meat eaters aren’t healthy, but look at the news last week; meat supposedly increases your risk of cancer. I’ve never been so grateful to be meat free!

And let’s face it, the label ‘meat free’ or ‘vegetarian’ stops people putting a big chunk of cow on my plate when I go round for dinner… So maybe I’ll keep it for now. Ten years without eating meat feels like I’ve gone too long to turn my back on it now.

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