Love Mondays…

A glimpse of my day
A glimpse of my day

I can’t believe I’m writing this on my iPad. Stupid laptop decided to do an update and it’s taking forever. I didn’t want to fall behind on #BEDN so, iPad it is…
The topic for day two #BEDN is ‘Love Mondays’. Well, I’m not sure that I do… So I thought I’d share a little about my day, instead of trying to fall in love with Monday!
Today I decided to wear my green knitted Primark dress, it’s a size 20 and cost me £1. I do love a bargain and before you ask, no, I’m not a size 20; size 10, in case you wondered. It’s my favourite purchase of autumn thus far.
The shirt I won on eBay arrived today too, so will probably wear that to work tomorrow 🙂 You know how it is when you buy new stuff… Must wear as soon as possible and as much as possible until I buy something new to replace it with! It was also time to buy a new mascara. I normally buy MaxFactor 2000 Calorie in black, but annoyingly they didn’t have it in my local Boots, so instead I bought L’oréal Voluminous extra black. I hope it’s as good as my MaxFactor; I’m a creature of habit and it’s so hard to find a good, reasonable priced mascara (mascara is very important in my life… FYI).
I walk to work everyday, it takes me around 35-40 mins and today was actually quite picturesque. What with the leaves and the autumnal colours, lots of oranges, reds and yellows. It was really cold today, probably the first really cold day so far this season. The building in the picture is a cathedral and it’s a beautiful building, I mean, look at it.
Lunch was the salad I prepared last night (while in the shower this morning I realised I’d forgotten to put avocado in, so had to do that quickly before I left the house!) and my lunchtime entertainment was the book that I’m reading for my book club. Did I tell you I’d joined a book club? No? Must write about that at some point…
Now, I’m sure that was a fascinating read for you all 🙂 Tomorrow’s topic is Food, Glorious Food, so prepare to see pictures of everything I eat tomorrow.
This #BEDN thing is turning into a bit of a journal… ‘Dear Diary’ and all that…
Laptop still hasn’t updated btw…

4 thoughts on “Love Mondays…

  1. I love your dress… How is it a size 20?! Unless it’s supposed to actually be a jumper?! Your lunch looks good, I’ve always jealous of people who can find the time/motivation to make a decent lunch for work. Mine normally consists of a tin of soup and some ryvita that’s been bashed around in my bag! Liz x


    1. Hello! Yes, I know! It’s quite loose fitting, but totally looks like it’s meant to be that way!
      As for lunch, I eat pretty much the same salad every day and usually prepare it the night before. I like the extra 10 minutes in bed too much to make it in the morning…
      I see you’ve gone meat free for a month? I’ve been meat free for nearly 10 years, I can highly recommend it 🙂
      Good luck with the rest of BEDN!


      1. Hmmm maybe a smile with the green dress too misses!! I’m inspired by your lunches – what do u do in winter tho??


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