What I learned on my caravan holiday.

Technically I have already had my big holiday this year (New York in February), so me and a few girlfriends decided to ‘slum it’ in a caravan for a week. Destination: Woolacoombe Bay, North Devon…
1. Say good bye to your privacy. You can have full conversations from opposite ends of the caravan. This also means that you become very aware of how ‘regular’ your friends are; the toilet doors are not soundproof. On the plus side, you never have to feel left out!

Toilet view
2. Living in such close proximity to three other people means you become incapable of making independent decisions; ‘should I shower now?’, ‘I might make breakfast, what do you think?’, ‘what time will we get up in the morning?’
3. You really cannot rely on the British weather. This picture is of the beautiful sea view that we didn’t know we had until the third day.

Sea view?
4. When they advertise ‘twin beds’, these are for children. Tall people will struggle to fit in them. Queue overhanging feet and falling out the side…
5. Just because you’re living in a caravan, doesn’t mean you can’t eat like a queen! Self-catering facilities meant we could make spaghetti bolognaise, salads, picnic lunches every day…

6. Even though the caravan is bolted to the ground, it still wobbles in high winds…
7. The west coast of England has some truly beautiful coastlines and beaches.

Saunton Sands
8. I’m not a fan of being cut off from the world… no 3G, no wifi… ‘Who was runner up in last years Xfactor?’, ‘no idea, add it to the list of things to Google when we get internet again.’
9. It is possible to drink a lot of wine. In fact, it’s easy.
10. That, actually, ‘slumming it’ in a caravan was a lovely idea. It was warm, clean, with hot running water, a sizeable bathroom with a double shower. We’re going back next year, only we’re planning to upgrade… who needs gold when we can go platinum. Forget the picnic rug, we’re getting a veranda.

One thought on “What I learned on my caravan holiday.

  1. It looks lovely! The pretty view, not the wall of mist and rain. I always enjoyed caravan holidays when I was a child, think it would be great to experience it as an adult with a group of friends! Plus, there’s all that wine to be had.


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