Self care Sunday… #BEDM

So I’ve decided to do the Blog Every Day in May challenge, started and hosted by Elizabeth over at Rosalilium. I know, it’s the 3rd of May and I have missed the first two days already. Oh well, better late than never! So, Elizabeth has given a blog ‘prompt’ for every day of this month, but if you want to take part then you don’t have to follow the prompts. You can write about whatever it is you want, the point is just to blog every day. It’s not a competition, there are no prizes, you won’t be reprimanded if you miss a day (like I’ve missed two already!), just write.

Today’s prompt is self care Sunday. Now, this is a good one for me to start with because it fits quite nicely into the theme of my blog anyway (which seems to be half fitness/half lifestyle (read single girl blogger…) So, here goes…

You may be aware that I’ve been working with a personal trainer for the last six weeks and I’ve just signed up for another 4. I’m determined that this will be my last month (it’s an expensive hobby and I’d like to have money again), but in June they are offering 4 free sessions alongside your normal package; well, that’s tempting isn’t it… Anyway, that’s not the point. Through working with Ally, I’ve noticed clear improvements in my muscle tone, namely my abs, arms, shoulders and calves. My aim through working with him is to get stronger (you know… #strongnotskinny) and also to improve my running, which will hopefully come with increased strength. In the last few weeks though, I’ve not been running as much as I’d like to because of this stupid man assaulting women around my area. So my runs have been cut down to one a week and it’s usually a short 5/6k. I did a 5k yesterday and I did it fast (5.30 mins per km, when my usual is around 6 mins). When I finished I was doubled over with stomach cramps, felt really dizzy, which in turn made me feel really sick. I’m putting this down to just a bad run and hoping that the lack of running hasn’t had too much of a detrimental effect on my running ability.

Today, I went to the gym and did a quick circuit of leg raises, dumbbell press, mountain climbers, hands to elbows, squats and pikes. Starting with 5 reps, then 4, then 3, 2 and 1. I would normally do this from 10, but I was doing a spin class and didn’t think I’d have time. I then did some kettle bell swings and then some arm work on the machines. The spin class was 50 minutes followed by a 600m swim.

I think it’s really important to look after your body, you only get one after all. Working on my strength means that I’ll be less likely (touch wood) to injure myself when running. My speed and stamina is also improving and I can’t thank Ally enough for helping me on this journey. Looking at my body shape in the mirror, my stomach is flatter, I have ab definition (top four, quite a bit to go to get my lower ones, I think!), my arms are more toned and my shoulders more muscular and according to my flatmate I have ‘killer calves’ at the moment. All of this is new and I’m loving it. I think for a woman, it’s quite something to be able to say that I’m happy with my shape and I’m hopeful that the progress will continue!

Next step on this journey is to cut down on the alcohol. This is probably going to be my biggest challenge, since I normally drink calorific pints of lager. On a night out I end up consuming nearly a full day’s calorie intake on top of my normal day’s food. Then with a hangover the next day I want junk food, pizza, crisps and dip and Coca Cola. By doing this I’m losing two days a week of clean eating and exercise. So, I’m cutting down on the booze and trying to make more sensible decisions when it comes to what I’m drinking and what I’m eating the next day. I don’t want to stop going out with my friends (it’s coming in to summer after all… erm… beer garden or drinks in the park with a bbq weather!) life should be all about balance, after all.

So, that’s my self care Sunday blog. Now I’m sitting writing blog posts with my feet up, no make-up on, slightly smelling of chlorine (it lingers, doesn’t it??) and working on other (slightly secret!) projects, before going out for drinks later for my friend’s birthday, it is a bank holiday after all (what did I just say about cutting down on the booze??).

Have a good Sunday, folks 🙂


One thought on “Self care Sunday… #BEDM

  1. Yay! Glad to see you taking part in BEDM. I do wish I’d decided to do it as well… maybe I’ll just dip in when the prompts seem like I can whip something up. All your fitness activities are very impressive to me; someone who does nothing (and you are looking fiiine of course!). I really should get back to the gym, and would like to try spinning as I’ve not done it before. Maybe when I’ve brought my asthmatic lungs back up to speed.

    I’m intrigued by what these slightly secret projects might be. 😉


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