So I have a confession…

So, I’m quite vocal on here (and other social media sites!) about my love of exercising. But I have a secret. I’m actually incredibly lazy. Yup, that’s right, I love nothing more than spending a full day in bed, on my own, watching Netflix. The thought of getting up and doing… well, anything… urgh. I mean, I work really hard in my job, I exercise 4ish times a week and I spend time with friends (most of that time in the pub). So here’s a list of this lazy girls daily battles…

  1. Snoozing my alarm AGAIN in the mornings telling myself that I can dry shampoo and just tie my hair back.
  2. I don’t get up in time to make an actual packed lunch, so instead I just grab the component parts that I can put together when it’s lunch time. What’s wrong with taking a full jar of peanut butter to work?
  3. Also, eat my breakfast at my desk. I would eat it before I left, but I don’t have time for that!
  4. I have getting ready for work in the morning down to a fine art, I know exactly how long I can stay in bed for and still make it to work on time.
  5. Online shopping and getting the parcels delivered to my work only for them to sit there for a week cause they don’t fit in my handbag and I can’t be bothered to carry them home.
  6. Finishing work and knowing that I have to go straight to the gym. If I go home first and put my butt on the sofa it’ll be staying there for the night.
  7. When I could do with going to the shop after work, but actually this is the only day this week where I don’t ‘have’ to go anywhere and can go straight home and put my feet up…
  8. When I’ve planned a lazy day, duvet, Netflix, snacks… and the sun comes out. Sun, beer garden, socializing… but… duvet.
  9. Not feeling remotely guilty when Netflix asks me if I’m still there…
  10. Using a plate as a shopping board so I don’t actually have to use a chopping board and that means one less thing to wash up.
  11. Knowing that if I packed my lunch the night before I could have an extra ten minutes in bed in the morning and not have to eat rice cakes and peanut butter for the 3rd time this week, but… effort.
  12. Same for washing my hair, but hey, that’s why they invented dry shampoo, right?
  13. The fact that I’m probably not too old to cope with two nights out in a row, but that means doing something two nights in a row…
  14. Making plans to visit a friend for the weekend and thinking I should probably book the Monday or the Friday off so that I don’t lose a day to myself.
  15. I do love pizza, but sometimes when I order one it’s not because I’m craving it, it’s because I can’t be bothered to cook.
  16. Saying goodbye to my bed when I leave it, cause you know, I miss it.

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