30 and STILL single…

30 year old me.
30 year old me.


So, I’m 30 and single. I would like to have kids one day, but what if my time is running out? It’s not easy to date as a 30 year old. As research for this post (honest!) I googled ‘dating in your 30s top tips’ and I found lots of help – most of it wasn’t useful; it was aimed at women who were balancing a career, children and dating. Well, I don’t have the kids yet, that’s why I’m googling this! I was even more depressed by this point that I decided I needed to meet a man. Now. It got me thinking of the whole thought process I imagine most single women go through on a semi-regular basis…

  • Eurgh. I am the only single one left out of all my friends. Even my single friends now have boyfriends.
  • While scrolling Facebook, how come all these people I went to school with are now announcing their second child’s imminent arrival?
  • How come they’re all on number two and I’m not even near considering number one?!
  • Right. I need to go to a bar. With men. I’m not going to find my future baby daddy sitting at home in my pyjamas on a Friday night, am I?
  • Finds single friend to go to pub with. Okay, so I’m not the only single one left, but she’s younger than me. She’ll be fine.
  • Get to the pub with hair done and lipstick on, cause, making an effort.
  • Find a table in the corner at the back and wait for all the attractive men to come over and chat us up.
  • *Waits*
  • Surveying the bar, actually there are no hot men in here (very shallow). None of these men will be the future father of my child.
  • Let’s face it, if there was a really hot man in here I wouldn’t go and speak to him anyway.
  • Who does that these days?!
  • How do you even meet people in real life? It’s not safe out here without my computer screen/ipad/iphone…
  • Sit for an hour discussing previous relationships, potential dates (there are none, this bit doesn’t take long) and why do we always want the guys who are unavailable?
  • Why couldn’t I fancy that nice, safe guy I dated briefly a while back? Maybe I should give him a call…
  • Unsociably scrolling through Facebook. Oh look, my friend’s sister’s best friend’s cousin just had her first baby at 37.
  • Met her partner two years ago, lived together after 6 months and married in a year.
  • It just happens quicker when you’re older.
  • That means I have five years to meet someone.
  • What’s the rush?
  • Why am I panicking?
  • Shall we just go home now then?
  • Pyjamas on and Grey’s boxset.
  • I’ll try to meet someone in real life next week.
  • I’m good at being single anyway.
  • It’s not like I even want a boyfriend.

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