So, I’m getting professional help…


I know, it’s about time, but it’s not what you think. This is about my 2015 goal #strongnotskinny. Yep, I’ve gone and got myself a personal trainer. Okay, not full time and not permanent. This guy isn’t going to be turning up at my door at 6am and forcing me to do burpees for an hour before work. Nope, I’ve got myself a free trial with a personal trainer at Absolute Health.

It all started when I saw an ad on Facebook (yep, those stalker cookies are working well). The ad was for a free personal training trial, so I looked up the gym on google, figured out where they were (really near my work, which is convenient) and decided that they seemed legit. So I filled out the application form, then had a 30 minute phone call with Ally (the trainer, obv) to further discuss my goals; run a half marathon in September and #strongnotskinny. Turns out that these things are closely linked, who knew!? At the end of the call Ally said that he could help me. He would give me a place on the trial.

Okay, so I’m all signed up. On Wednesday I had my consultation, which consisted of going through my diet and then a few quick movement tests. I had to list an average week of food intake. This was quite difficult as it can change all the time, right? So I just went with what I’d eaten so far that week. It looked a bit like this…



Yoghurt and banana (sometimes with blueberries and/or granola

Midmorning snack

Strawberry Crunch nakd bar/ cashews and a square of dark chocolate 


Rice cakes and peanut butter with a salad and/or Quorn cocktail sausages


Quorn scotch eggs and a salad

ProperCorn (sweet and salty, yum)



Kedgeree (kind of; mackerel, brown rice, broccoli, two boiled eggs, chilli)

2 egg omelette and salad 



Two soft boiled eggs, ½ avocado, roasted tomatoes and mushrooms 

 Porridge (to fuel long runs) 


Rice cakes and peanut butter with salad and/or Quorn cocktail sausages 

Cheese and onion sandwich on brown bread 


Spaghetti bolognese (with Quorn mince and wholemeal pasta)/ Chilli (with Quorn mince and brown rice)/Mac n’ cheese (with wholemeal pasta and homemade cheese sauce)


Propercorn/cashews/almonds/dark chocolate

 I did also tell him about all the times I fall off the wagon and buy pizza, or eat balsamic vinegar crisps, or nachos (it’s a regular thing). If I’m going to do this, I’m going to do it right. I have to be honest. Ally told me all in all I’m doing most things right. I have a varied diet, plenty of colourful fruit and veg etc. however, I’m not eating enough protein (surprise, surprise, the pescatarian doesn’t eat enough protein). For someone with my level of activity I’m eating about a third of what I should be, so Ally recommended a couple of small changes. Switch my morning yoghurt for Fage 0%, add tuna to my lunchtime salad and start on the protein supplements… 

The first two I can easily do, but the protein powder…?

Okay, so Ally wants me to do weight training. If I build muscle (not in a Jodie Marsh body builder way, but in a nicely toned way) then I will become a better runner, I’ll be more powerful and efficient (and more importantly faster!). When we exercise we create tiny little tears in our muscles and protein helps us to rebuild them and make them stronger. So it makes sense that if I can’t eat enough protein in my diet (cause I’m not going back to eating meat!) then supplements seem to be the logical step. He suggested that 30grams of whey protein mixed in with my yoghurt every morning would move me in the right direction. I’ve done some research and it seems to be all natural (who wants to put chemicals in their body?) and there are a lot of studies out there, in medical journals no less, extolling the virtues of whey protein and in particular, the virtues of women using whey protein. 

So what am I waiting for? Ally said with my goals in mind I should be eating and training like an athlete (wow, that’s scary) so I’m going all in. If he’s going to try and train me like an athlete, I’m going to give 100% and trust what he tells me. 

 So, my first session is on Monday. I fully expect to be handed my butt to me on a plate. But, you know, 100%… Maybe I do need actual professional help… 

 What’s your thoughts on protein supplements? Ever used a personal trainer? 

After re-reading this blog I feel like I should have titled it ‘Ally says…

One thought on “So, I’m getting professional help…

  1. I’m a personal trainer, but when I first started I never had one ;P I tested and tried new things, but I had fun doing it! I would say go for the protein powder, but for supplements, it’s not that useful unless you’ve been constantly going to the gym for a year or so.. don’t be afraid !! you’ll do great! 🙂 just keep going! i’m a fitness blogger on here too! xx


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